Tom Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” campaign targeting President Trump is more like a recall effort familiar to Californians than an impeachment effort. The constitution clearly states “high crimes and misdemeanors” generate impeachment. Recall from office is mostly triggered over policy issues.

Steyer’s campaign is also about policy. That was made clear with his new ad issued by his “Need to Impeach” campaign attacking the Republican tax plan tied to a message on impeachment.

Look no further than the high profile recall of former Gov. Gray Davis. Davis was not accused of high crimes. Davis was recalled over policy issues. The Davis recall made the ballot after millions of Californians signed petitions. Steyer is leading a petition signature campaign to gain attention for his cause. 

Since there is no recall provision in the federal constitution, Steyer set out to campaign for impeachment. Perhaps, as conjectured by many, Steyer is laying the groundwork for a run for political office with his “Need to Impeach” ads. Yet, if an impeachment strategy is simply launched on policy disagreements, then a Pandora’s political box will be opened.

Perhaps current investigations will turn up solid evidence that the president committed crimes that deserve impeachment, but reasonable observers understand we are not there yet.

We are going down a slippery slope here of making policy disagreements a reason to consider a presidential impeachment reserved by the constitution for malfeasance in office.