It’s hard year to choose a Black Bart. But it’s easy to say who can’t be Black Bart:

President Trump.

You can’t be California’s Black Bart if you don’t have the guts to step foot in the state of California. It’s not good enough to just fly over us on your way to whipping up nuclear war in East Asia. The president is such a wimp. Sad.

But don’t cry. There are so many great candidates for Black Bart. Among those who are worthy:

My nomination for Black Bart is related to the housing package. One of the most heartening developments in state politics has been the rise of the YIMBY movement—for Yes in My Backyard. We’re seeing people in our state argue for more investment – in housing, infrastructure, and smart development – and it’s about time, given how the shortage of housing has hurt the state and its people economically, socially, and environmentally.

The YIMBYs are still swimming against a larger tide of NIMBYs and cowardly local governments. But in a state with so many phony progressives, it’s good to see somebody – the YIMBYs – take on the mantle of progress.

Yes is a beautiful word. Let’s resolve to use it more in 2018.