Everyday we turn on the news and what do we find? More employees are getting bonuses–more than two million so far.

There’s something more that is happening…. Utilities like Baltimore Gas and Electric are lowering their rates and passing on tax benefits to all their customers.

And what did we find last week? Not only were bonuses going out but also raises. So people were getting more–the minimum wage was being raised. And with so many companies, maternity leave is now longer for thousands of Americans.

That’s much different than a crumb or Armageddon. That is the beginning of America’s comeback. I know we have challenges before us this week. Funding for the military is at a deadline, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Two times we have voted to move that off this floor. But both times the Democrats have not only said no, they whipped their members to hold them back…. This is not a time to play politics. 

I am committed to solving our problem when it comes to DACA, border security, and chain migration. Throughout this week I’ve talked to all the players–I talked to [sen.] Cornyn, [sen.] Durbin, [sen.] Schumer, and [rep.] Hoyer. Our staffs are continuing to meet and today the principals will get together.

We want to be able to solve this problem. But the deadline this week is about the military and about the children.

I hope when we go to the floor…that I don’t look across and see what I’ve saw times before. I’ve watched the leadership on the Democratic side–the same person who believed these tax benefits were crumbs…actually holding her members back. Even those who wanted to vote for it. But would not release them to vote for it until Republicans had passed it. I would like to see us work together to solve America’s problems.