Jeff Sessions wasn’t just lying when he came to Sacramento last week.

He was posing as Lincoln when he arrived as Jefferson Davis.

Sessions framed California’s wise and righteous decision to keep its police from being sullied by Trump’s lawless and unconstitutional immigrations as a form of secession and nullification. To the contrary, California is taking the American position. That the federal government can’t do what it wants. That government is limited. And that ripping apart families and penalizing people requires due process and a constitution that protects Americans in their homes.

Sessions came to Sacramento to attack America, no less than the Southerners who fired on Fort Sumter attacked the United States.

Gov. Jerry Brown was right to push back hard. Sympathizing commentators like Tony Quinn were wrong to suggest Sessions was somehow in the right.

Sessions and Trump and their ICE chief Thomas Homan take the position that they can break up any American family they want, that they can snatch parents from the home of American children, that they can violate any American workplace. They are at war with America.

All Americans, including Californians, have an obligation to fight them on every front.

This is not a war between California and America. It’s a war between Trump and America.