Today we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Fox and Hounds Daily.

We started Fox and Hounds to offer a platform for debate on important policy, political and business issues. As someone who had good success but also experienced many frustrations in getting opinion pieces before readers in statewide newspapers because of limited capacity, I believed Fox and Hounds could serve a purpose in being a place to advance debate and present arguments on important issues for individuals with something to say about California policy and politics. We have accomplished that goal.

Nearly 1,150 different contributors have been published on the site in 10 years— the “Hounds” in the website’s name—from governors, assembly speakers, mayors, state and local elected officials, government agency executives, business association leaders, think tank researchers, consultants, economists, civil rights activists, professors, journalists, and just citizens who had something to say and looked for a place to say it. The commentary has come from all sides of the political divide.

We are proud of the recognition the site has garnered, named one of California’s best political blog sites by the Washington Post, and receiving positive comments from media observers in such newspapers as the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register among others. We also appreciate other outlets picking up columns from our site such as Rough & Tumble, FlashReport, Politico California Playbook and the Nooner that helps spread the debate.

Thanks to my Co-publishers Bryan Merica and Tom Ross;  chief tech creator of the site Chandra Sharma, and to the Managing Editors who made the site go over the last decade: Gabriel Boscag, Jimmy Spencer, Ashley Hemkin, Lan Nguyen, and Megan De Sousa.

Most of all, thanks to our readers and our growing subscriber base. We would not have made ten years without your support.