There’s no value in being a supporter of President Trump.

At least in California, where Trump’s moves are targeting the places where he lives.

His moves on immigration strike hardest at inland communities that rely disproportionately on immigrants to fill jobs in the biggest industries: health care, tourism and agriculture. His health care policies will hurt a business that is a larger part of the economies in the smaller and rural places where he’s strongest.

And Trump’s efforts to roll back environmental protections will fall hardest on our most polluted places, particularly in the Central Valley, where he has his largest number of supporters.

On trade, Trump is also doing in the place where his support is strongest, as a new analysis from the California Budget and Policy Center shows.

By deliberately starting a trade war with China, Trump is hurting places in California where unemployment is already highest, writes senior policy analyst Sara Kimberlin. These include counties like Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, Kings and Merced, where Trump was relatively stronger.

All this begs the question: why are Californians supporting Trump? It’s not because he pursues good policy, and it’s not because of self-interest.