Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican I think we would all agree peace between the United States and North Korea would be a good thing. The first sitting president in the last 70 years has an opportunity to make peace and it seems many only focus on the negatives. Consider the actions of the California legislature and the language of actor Robert DeNiro.

Assembly member Stephen Choi immigrated from South Korea to the United States in 1968 as a peace corps language instructor for the state department. He earned a Masters degree, a PHD, and taught at several universities in California.

Dr. Choi wants to see peace between the United States and his home country of South Korea. This is why he introduced AJR 40, an Assembly Joint Resolution to simply encourage the peace process between North and South Korea. This seems like a great idea. With over 500,000 Koreans in California it makes sense to seek peace.

Unfortunately this bill was shot down with a vote of 47-24 and I would think most do not understand why? Assembly Member Choi is a Republican and it was the Democrats who decided to vote against encouragement of a peace process.It seems common sense has left the building and any association of Republican affiliation is cause to deny whatever the cause may be. We need to work together and our legislators need to quit the attacks on each other. Possibly the Democrats and the Republicans of California should introduce a bill together encouraging a peace process.

Watching the news and seeing how Robert De Niro is able to throw profanities about our President of the United States and have a standing ovation from his colleagues is even more troubling. Since when is it ok to talk about the president like that? Since when is it ok to personally attack him?

It does not matter if you agree or disagree with our president, he is still our president, show some respect. What De Niro did was unconscionable and we need to say as Americans, this is enough. Stop the trash talking and start real dialogue. De Niro, stick to acting, and if you are truly that unhappy, then run for office. We live in a democracy, and your actions were inexcusable. That is not freedom of speech, that is hatred.

John F. Kennedy once said, “ Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” For those who are running for office, let’s hear about how you can help California and not how you will fight Trump. For our legislators, please work together, Democrats and Republicans, to make our state even better! Dr. Choi only wanted peace, isn’t that what all of us want.