An article posted on 7/12/2018 by Ed Ring of the Public Policy Center on money collected by public unions contained errors. When informed of the errors, Mr. Ring writes it is difficult to accurately compile estimates of total government union dues and memberships, and to do so with the information and resources available requires making reasonable assumptions. Mr. Ring acknowledged and regretted the errors and appreciated the outreach with the proper information.

In regard to the California School Employees Association, the accurate information as supplied by CSEA is as follows:

Publicly-posted data have long shown show our dues rate is only 1.5% of compensation up to specified amounts. The current cap amount as of fall 2017 is $3150 monthly, and we also have an annual dues cap of $472.50 (these caps back in 2015 were significantly lower). Anyone who knows the least thing about public schools also knows they are generally closed during the summer so very few employees work 12 months, and the vast majority work only part-time during the school year. Your post accuses us of misrepresenting our revenues, but our 990 forms are audited by an outside accounting firm and if any errors occurred, they do not amount to a 300% understatement of our revenues as you accuse us of. 

Moreover, CSEA’s Areas and Regions are not the equivalent of local chapters. Each Area is a group of Regions each of which is comprised of many local chapters, again a fact apparent from the most cursory Google search about CSEA. Neither the Area nor the Region charge their own dues. As is also apparent from a cursory Google search, Chapter dues average only about $1.50 per member per month. The total paid annually by members in chapter dues is approximately $3.1 million, which you could have discovered by looking at their 990s. 

In addition, in the piece the California Peace Officers Association was identified as a union. It is not a union, nor does it play a role in union fundraising.

We appreciate the clarifications and regret the errors.