The California Democratic Party executive committee vote this weekend endorsing Kevin de León reflects the continued leftward march of party activists that just may be leaving many rank-and-file Democratic voters behind . Despite de Leon nearly capturing the party’s endorsement from the activists over Dianne Feinstein prior to the primary, the U.S. Senator walloped the state senator in the primary election by 44% to 12%.

The state party nomination is unlikely to make a large dent in that vote gap and it is reasonable to expect the long-term senator to hold her senatorial chair in November.

Many Republicans could sit out the November senate race as they did when no Republican candidate battled for the U.S. Senate seat last time around when Kamala Harris won her senate seat. Some Republicans may indeed be tired of Feinstein and give their vote to de León. Yet, it’s hard to believe that a majority of Republicans who do choose between the two candidates on the ballot will rally to de León and his liberal agenda providing Feinstein a cushion of safety against the de León insurgency. Independent voters should also be an advantage for Feinstein.

Yet, de León’s effort may not be wasted if he really is playing a long game to capture another office or a senate seat.

The state senator, only 51, will be out of political office soon if he does not win in November. However, this race could build momentum and name identification for another run for office or perhaps set himself up for a political appointment if a Democrat captures the presidency in 2020.

The age issue may come into play in another way. De León wants to be the first person in mind if Senator Feinstein does not finish her term. While still very much engaged at 85 years old, any slowing or health problems later on might make her reconsider spending six full years in Washington, especially if Trump is re-elected and the Democrats in the Senate remain in the minority.

De León’s run could put him in position as successor to the seat if it opens up. That would require an appointment by Gavin Newsom, should he capture the governorship as predicted. De León wants to be considered the logical inheritor.