It’s always dangerous to pick winners and losers in California elections on election night, since so many ballots are still to be counted. But here’s a first blush reaction of the night’s winners, some obvious and some not so.

  1. Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats took back the House, which will likely make her speaker and the highest-ranking Democrat in the country. That might not be such good news for her party.
  2. Adam Schiff. The Congressional Democrat should move up and chair the House Intelligence Committee, a vital perch for countering a president with some very strange loyalties.
  3. The apparent defeat of Prop 10 was good news for landlords, homeowners, and, given the side effects of rent control, anyone who wants to see much more housing in California.
  4. Jerry Brown. Gavin Newsom, in becoming governor, extolled his predecessor. And Prop 6 went down. Brown leaves office with his reputation on a high. If only the state of California was in as good shape as Brown’s public relations.
  5. People who need sleep. Prop 7, which would open the door to ending the twice-a-year switching of time, appeared likely to pass. It could lead to year-round daylight savings, or perhaps, year-round standard time. With my household in chaos after the clocks changed last weekend, this is one measure I was glad to see pass.