Recent good news from Van Nuys Airport provides an important reminder about business aviation safety. Business aviation, which refers to the use of an airplane for transport, accounts for the majority of traffic at Van Nuys. A recent report from the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners found the airport concluded 2018 without a single runway or taxiway incident.

For the entrepreneurs and companies relying on business aviation, safety is a top priority not only at Van Nuys, but everywhere. The commitment to safety is reflected throughout the industry’s culture, training, government-industry collaboration, and continuous sharing of best practices. That’s why business aviation’s safety record has long been on par with that of the scheduled airlines.

While operating safely, business aviation provides numerous benefits. For example, in California, it helps support over 139,000 jobs and contribute more than $30 billion to the economy. This benefit is reflected on a national scale: Business aviation contributes roughly $150 billion to the U.S. economy, and helps support more than one million jobs. Equally important, because business aviation serves 5,000 airports, it is critical in connecting local communities.

Clearly, in California and beyond, business aviation prioritizes safety, while providing other important benefits.