California voters should look for guidance from Australian voters, as their 2019 Federal Election was billed as a referendum on ‘Climate Change’. The Green/Labor Alliance promised an all wind and sun powered future, and a crippling carbon dioxide gas tax, dressed up as a CO2 emissions reduction target, and an elevated need for new cars to be electric.

The top-billed reason Green/Labor was supposed to fare so well at the polls, was Australians are, apparently, spending their every waking hour fretting about carbon dioxide gas and believing windmills and solar panels will save the day. Well, apparently not – Green/Labor duly lost the duly predicted ‘unlosable’ election.

After convincing themselves not to commit hari-kari, Green/Labor’s next move was to bring in Pope Pompous III aka Al Gore (flying first-class, of course, in a jet fueled by a petroleum product) to lecture the Australian voters who had so resoundingly rejected the nonsense of attempting to run on sunshine and breezes.

Gore, the same guy that attended a natural science class at Harvard, and was awarded a D grade for his efforts, stated that Australia can become the renewable energy superpower of the 21st century by exporting renewable electricity. Really? How do you export renewable electricity? We haven’t quite figured that one out, yet.

‘Pope’ Gore is the same guy in 2006 who got everyone’s attention by projecting the extinction of polar bears. He’s gone silent of late on the polar bear issue simply because their numbers keep rising and may have ‘quadrupled’ in the last decade. Polar bears aren’t going anywhere except to the edge of the ice to feed on the also-not-going-extinct artic seals.

Australian taxpayers forked out more than $320,000 for a Climate Week conference, where the former US vice president “communicated the urgency of the climate crisis”. The fear and scare tactics continue: What was formerly “global warming” and then “climate change”, is now a “climate crisis”.  Green/Labor brought in heavy hitter and hypocrite Al Gore to “train” Australia’s “climate volunteers” and to “communicate the urgency of the climate crisis”.

The global alarm movement has gotten this far, because of the backing of western millennials who’ve been indoctrinated since their early childhood days in an education system swayed by left leaning administrators. Enjoying living standards unprecedented in world history, they’ve embraced alarmism as a new secular religion.

Australia’s power plants compare unfavorably with China and India. Australia has 22 operating coal-fired power plants, while China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, has more than 1,000 coal-fire powered generating plants, and a further 130 under construction. India currently has 292 operating coal-fired power plants and 41 more under construction,

Australians, like Californians are losing businesses, jobs, and money – the new definition of madness that’s becoming laughable stuff. We’re talking across the board subsidies for electric vehicles and household battery installations, subsidies for wind turbines, and subsidies for solar panels that hard working Australians finally got tired of paying for and showed up at the poles to express their opinions by rejecting the Green/Labor movement.

The reality is that there’s nothing political about energy. It’s about economics. All the people in the electricity industry have been working their whole lives to provide economically affordable electricity to businesses to create jobs at the same time as providing reasonably priced electricity for homes. And to be arguing about whether or not we should have 50% or 100% renewables misses the point. Both major parties know we need natural gas, nuclear and hydro for continuously uninterrupted electricity.

The public is not being informed about the realities of a heavier reliance on wind and solar, as electricity costs in California has already risen to 50% above the national average for residents, and double the national average for commercial usage. In addition, Californians have very expensive fuels. The high cost of energy from electricity and fuels, is driving up the populations of poverty, homelessness, and welfare.  If we keep going down the renewable path we’re on, businesses and jobs in California will continue to go offshore and out of state.

In addition to closing its last nuclear plant in a few years, California is now beginning to close gas plants. The State has yet to find enough land to accommodate the renewable solar and wind farms needed to replace the loss of power generated from natural gas and nuclear, resulting in the need to import any electricity the state cannot produce.  The good news is that there will probably be no brownouts. The bad news is imported electricity comes to the state at a premium price to the users.