I have previously stated that I am not a Republican or Democrat. I am officially registered as a No Party Preference. I vote for the person or measure based on the impact the candidate or measure will have on me and my community. I would like to present my honest evaluation of the candidates and measures you have the opportunity to vote for. 

If I mention Howard Jarvis and the 1978 measure “Proposition 13” that brought us tax modifications for both residential and commercial property, what do you think of? Most of you will remember it establishing restrictions on all property tax increases in California. Well, deception is alive and well in Sacramento. With our one-sided majority of elected state officials in love with taxes, the increase connected with this “Prop 13” is massive. This time, Prop 13 will increase taxes, authorizing $15 billion in state general obligation bonds for public education facilities. The $15 billion will actually increase to $26 billion when you include interest that will be paid on the bonds. With $22 billion in state surplus accounts, do we really need this tax increase? 

A review of State General Obligation Bonds for Education from 2002 thru 2016 shows the following information: A total of $44.8 billion has already been approved by voters for Schools, Community Colleges, Cal State Universities and the University of California.  Do they really need additional tax dollars for education in California when the voters already approved $44.8 billion for education in our state?  

Be aware that the Los Angeles Unified School District is working on a school ballot bond measure for the upcoming June election. What this means is additional taxes for all of us.