The Political Data Inc. Absentee Ballot Tracker has been burning the midnight oil, with over a thousand PDI clients and friends signing up to get it emailed to them every night.

Most have selected a statewide report, but many have honed in on their congressional or legislative district, even city and school board seats. If you want the tracker in your email every night, sign up at this link and just pick “Statewide” or one of the smaller geographies.

The tracker itself has been updated and allows for deep analysis of who is voting, and where.  Check out the live one here:

Since releasing the tracker we have made one addition – under the number of ballots received you can now click a button to select voters based on if they have a Democratic, Nonpartisan or Republican ballot.  

For those watching the presidential contest, this allows you to see everyone who is either a Democrat, or a non-partisan who successfully requested a partisan crossover ballot.

If you have any questions, please email me at or send us a message on twitter at