Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has broken through. He’s united all three of my young sons—ages 11, 9, and 6—on one political stance. 

They hate Bloomberg. 

The reason has nothing to do with politics, about which my boys could care less,and everything to do with the annoyances of saturation advertising. Bloomberg’s barrage of ads is so overwhelming that it’s affecting their lives. 

My kids barely watch TV, but they are online—even when they’re not supposed to be. My 6 year old was the first to complain about Bloomberg.  Because when he wanted to watch the awful cartoon PJ Masks on Youtube, he kept having to watch Bloomberg ads on Youtube. 

My two older boys have similar views—Bloomberg ads slow down their efforts to do online gaming. 

Upon questioning, they did learn something about Bloomberg—he was mayor of New York City, and he doesn’t like guns. And President Obama likes Bloomberg—which has turned them against Obama.

They’ve told me I can vote for anyone I want, as long as it’s not Trump (whom they loathe because of his impact on the lives of their friends, many of whom come from immigrant families) or Bloomberg (“the guy who has too many ads on Youtube”).

Perhaps for this younger generation, the most popular political figures will be those who leave us alone.