Episode 1: Warren Victim of Sexism? Pundits Disagree

That’s one of the hot topics discussed on the premiere episode of Inside Golden State Politics, or IGSP for short. It’s a podcast offering a unique view of the political terrain from L.A. to Sacramento to Washington.

The podcast features Bill Boyarsky, former columnist, city editor and political writer for the Los Angeles Times and Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, political analyst, media maven, and long-time USC public policy professor.

IGSP will offer an inside look at politics in the Golden State and beyond—conversation, analysis, and discussion with politicians, political insiders, media experts, and others who care about politics.

Bill and Sherry draw on their years observing the political scene, hanging out with politicians, policy wonks, journalists and, of course, the so-called “hacks,” a cynical but affectionate term for the intense, often witty women and men who run campaigns. Think of spending time at an elegant restaurant, or more probably a bar, with members of this perceptive crew, hearing the stories and frank opinions that don’t make the conventional news.

The narrators don’t agree on a lot of things. Bill says Warren was a victim of sexism. Sherry says it wasn’t sexism alone. There were many other factors involved in her loss. Sometimes they do agree, Both think that political reporting has been white men’s territory, but is now beginning to change. That prompted them to discuss Chris Mathews, a prototype of the old-style political journalist, dumped from his post as anchor of MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

The podcast was edited and produced by Nancy Boyarsky.

A link to the podcast is here.