The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) will launch a mobile billboard in Sacramento today calling out trial attorneys who are getting rich from the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). This harmful law on the books in California allows unscrupulous attorneys to target the state’s businesses unfairly.

The digital billboard will be displayed on a truck that will drive a loop around the state house in Sacramento from 8 am-4 pm. The billboard graphics can be seen here and here 

The billboard directs onlookers to, a site that exposes the trial attorneys who have made a career out of targeting business owners with PAGA suits — including one lawyer whose own license plate even reads “MR PAGA.”

For too long PAGA has been a cash cow for trial attorneys, allowing them to unfairly target small businesses, nonprofits, and even labor unions for their own financial gain. Despite the law’s intent, when it comes to PAGA suits it’s the trial attorneys, not aggrieved employees, who wind up on top. That’s why it’s critical that we keep fighting to reform this broken law.

If you are in the Sacramento area look for the billboard.