Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who called Police Officers “KILLERS” and City Councilmembers responded to the demands of protestors and rioters and slashed $150 Million Dollars from the 2020-2021 LAPD budget.  L.A. Taxpaying residents and business owners were ignored by city officials who continue to permit the city to turn more neighborhoods into homeless camps with expanding decay and rising violent crime trends.        

All but two voting council members approved Mayor Garcetti’s 2020-2021 city budget after slashing  $150 MILLION DOLLARS from the LAPD to pass the funds to various organizations serving minority communities in L. A.  Following the hatched job on the LAPD budget, the council adjourned future July meetings in order to go on a near month long Summer Recess while the City is in a semi-locked down due to the Coronavirus that is spreading and infecting more people in the region and other American cities. 

While the FBI continues to investigate elected and appointed officials at City Hall, two elected councilmembers have already been arrested and one has agreed to go to prison without a trial, the cloud of suspicion remains high as to when the next arrest or arrests will occur as the investigation of illegal activity of bribes and corruption is conducted by FBI agents.  

While members of the council enjoy their extended summer vacation and annual salary of over $207,000, the taxpayers of L.A. continue to struggle to find a job, pay their bills and find funds to repair the damage caused by the riots that recently took place in large sections of the city.  The lack of leadership and support displayed by the Mayor and Councilmembers for the LAPD and people of L.A. is truly a sad situation for Angelinos.    

While the majority of the council voted to slash the $150 million in public safety funds from the police budget, only two councilmembers had the courage to stand up to the anti-police groups calling for the financial reduction and redistribution to other causes.  Councilmembers John Lee from the 12th District in the San Fernando Valley and Joe Buscaino from the 15th District in South Los Angeles and San Pedro.  The rest of the council followed the lead of the Spineless Mayor and those pushing for the reduction in police funding.  Keep this in mind when you call 911 and there is a delay in the response time of officers.   

Remember the names of the councilmembers that have turned their backs on public safety for all the people in Los Angeles.  Remember them when they ask you to vote for new tax increases that will appear on a future ballots and ask for your vote.  Since they have turned their backs on public safety for you and your family, they might be better suited to find a job in the private sector.  I will remind you of those that don’t deserve your support and vote at election time this November and in future years.