As time ticks toward Election Day, there is much anticipation throughout America.  From coast to coast Americans of all political parties have been voting for the next President of the United States and other candidates and measurers the past few days.  Republicans and Democrats and all the other political parties listed in your ballot.  Political Parties that some of you seldom heard of.  This is the time in our society when we are free to express our concerns, hopes and wishes at the ballot box.  That special time that comes around when we have the freedom to express the way we want elected leaders to manage our country, state, county and city.

What is so unusual about the November National Election is the concern for our safety and that of our family, business and community.  For example, the Beverly Hills Police Department is closing Rodeo Drive to everyone and mobilizing department personnel just before the election.  When law enforcement mobilizes, they deploy all personnel on 12 – hour shifts in uniform.  Beverly Hills is bringing in SWAT members from another jurisdiction and contracting with private security personnel to patrol commercial property in Beverly Hills.  This is highly unusual for a national election or for that matter any event outside the concern for civil unrest or at worst a Riot.    

In addition to Beverly Hills, the LAPD is gearing up the entire Department with all personnel informed that from November 2 to 9 a “Special Event” has been declared and there may be modified hours and limited time off for everyone.  If necessary, all personnel will be working in uniform on 12 – hour shifts up to and following the election.  When have you ever heard this concern for public safety during an election in America?  I have been engaged in law enforcement for over 50 plus years and witnessed many national and local elections.  Never have I witnessed any election causing police personnel to work on a mobilization deployment during any of the previous elections in California or for that matter anywhere in America.   

I suggest the you vote early to avoid any possible disruption or long lines at the numerous voting locations.   We have all received ballots by mail and can vote by mail rather than going to a voting location.           

Law enforcement is responsible to maintain the peace and tranquility throughout America.  The Motto “To Protect and Serve” is the basics of law enforcement   There are groups and individuals that would like to intimidate you and cause fear in our society.  We know what Antifa and other militant groups have done to intimidate people in cities across America.  

There are published documents from Radical left-wing groups that have posted Battle Plans to unleash mass CHAOS and attack Trump supporters in the streets if President Trump wins.  

It is not my intention to frighten you or cause you and your family any anxiety.  It is my hope that you will use caution and be aware of the threats that have already been made by various groups during the time leading up to election day.  

Is there a valid concern for your safety and that of your family?  This may convince you that there is truly a legitimate concern by millions of Americans.  Approximately 2 Million guns have been sold in America since the Corona-19 virus spread across America.  In California, approximately 110,000 California residents have purchased a gun since the Coronavirus arrived.  If you happen to go to a gun store, you will likely wait in line to enter the location.  If you plan on purchasing a gun for the first time, you will take a test and if you pass, you can  purchase a gun and wait at least 10 days to pick up the gun.  We are a well – armed society and that is a protection guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.  There are those that want to restrict and change gun ownership in America.  As you can see, many Americans are concerned for their safety and are troubled  with the various anti-government movements in action in state across America.  According to official reports, there are over 390 million guns currently in the hands of Americans.  2019 records show that the American population is at 328,239,523 people.  More guns than people!  Are you a gun owner prepared to protect yourself and your family while spinless elected officials DEFUND police department from California to New York?  Like the L.A. City Council that cut $150 million dollars from the LAPD budget after Mayor Garcetti called police officers “Killers.”            

I will conclude with these words from Douglas MacArthur….”One cannot wage war under present conditions without the support of public opinion, which is tremendously molded by the press and other forms of propaganda.”