As we face yet another Sophie’s Choice election within less than three weeks, I’ve been waiting to see when and if the Trump campaign would start challenging the person who could end up being President: California Senator Kamala Harris. After all, she would be far more dangerous to the future of America than Joe Biden ever could be.

Ever since he announced his candidacy back in 2019, Joe has run as a moderate Democrat and he still claims to be a moderate who vows to work across party lines. As a moderate independent voter myself in these extreme times, let’s take him at his word. 

Then why would Biden choose the left-most liberal member of the U.S. Senate from the left-most state as his running mate? An analysis by GovTrack, an organization that annually tracks legislative behavior and voting records of all US Senators, rated Kamala Harris as the “most liberal” member of the U.S. Senate to the left of such seasoned leftists Sen. Elizabeth Warren and avowed Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. That same year, GovTrack also found that Harris was the least supportive of bipartisan legislation compared to the rest of the Senate Democrats.

Given Harris’s dismal performance in her race for President during the Democratic primaries in 2019, surely Biden would select someone from one of the key battleground states that Hillary Clinton lost 2016. Why pick a senator from California as his VP when he knew that he already had this one-party state in the bag. But pick her he did, in doing so, he made a very troubling choice.

Why the Concern?

Joe Biden would be the oldest person ever elected President in history. At 78 years old if and when he would take office, Biden’s the same age that Ronald Reagan was when he left office in 1989. At best, he’s likely to be a one term President if he can make it to the end of 2024 at the age of 82. If he does get elected, hopefully he’s able to serve all his full-term. At worst, if he can’t finish his term, the thought that Kamala Harris would become President is absolutely frightening. 

Biden’s well-known predilection for making gaffes aside, he has been vulnerable to brain aneurysms, two of which he suffered in 1988 and one of which required six hours of brain surgery.  At times he seems frail, addled, and confused, yet at other times he seems lucid, articulate, and forceful. Should he become President, may these latter behaviors prevail through the end of his term.

But if something happens to someone so late in his years that prevents him from completing his term, he will have exposed the American people to a radical leftist as our next President of the United States. Why would a moderate like Joe Biden do that?

Is Joe Still a Moderate?

That he has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, perhaps not. Just think about the positions Kamala Harris has taken during her political career:

  1. 1. During the Democratic Primary debates, when asked if she would support “Medicare For All”, Harris raised her hand, and so did Joe Biden.
  2. 2. Harris indicated her support for eliminating private health insurance, destroying an industry with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.
  3. 3. She supported San Francisco’s “Sanctuary City” policy that resulted in the 2015 shooting death of an innocent Kate Steinle at the hands of an undocumented immigrant with 7 felony convictions who had been deported 5 times.
  4. 4. Harris wants to provide free health insurance at taxpayer’s expense to those who have come into our country illegally. 
  5. 5. Biden’s and Harris’s refusal to answer questions on whether they would support packing the Supreme Court reveals that’s precisely what they would do.
  6. 6. Harris has an extensive track record of trying to decriminalize criminal acts.
  7. 7. Harris also supports the notion that taxpayers should pay reparations to people of color that will cost who knows what?
  8. 8. Harris wants to eliminate the Electoral College that would result in California and New York dominating national elections while delegitimizing the powers of the other 48 states.
  9. 9. Harris joined those Democrats were calling for making Washington DC and Puerto Rico states that would permanently insure the USA would be run by a one-party system.
  10. 10. Harris’s disgraceful performance during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh revealed who she really is.

So why would a moderate Joe Biden pick a radical leftist Kamala Harris as his running mate? Because he recognizes that the extremist wing of his party—that of the Democratic Socialists– is becoming the Democratic Party’s new world order. 

In his final years, Joe has accepted the inevitable arc his party’s movement is taking. Biden has become that movement’s Trojan horse, and Kamala Harris is in the belly of that beast waiting for her opportunity to move America through a huge lurch to the left.