On this day to honor veterans, I’m taking a day away from writing about policy and politics that affect California, although you will find other posts on California issues on our site today.

Despite coming out of a raucous election season, we should still remember what this country stands for and honor those who serve and protect the high principles on which the nation was established.

Last December, I traveled to Europe for the 75th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of the Bulge from World War II. My father, Tech 4 Harry Fox, earned a bronze star in the month-long battle, the largest the American Army participated in during World War II. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California lead the American congressional delegation.

The following pictorial from that trip is dedicated to all U.S. service members past and present we honor this Veteran’s Day.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Bastogne, Belgium at one of the ceremonies.

Memorial to the American soldiers killed at the Malmedy Massacre, GI prisoners shot by their German captors. 

Plagues and memorials to American Divisions and Regiments are plentiful throughout Belgium, many flying the American flag.

Clervaux, Luxembourg statue to honor the American troops that helped liberate the area.











With Pat Waters, General George Patton’s grandson, in Bastogne on the 75th anniversary. Patton’s tanks broke through the siege surrounding the American troops in Bastogne. My father served in Patton’s Third Army.






Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge who made the supreme sacrifice, members of my father’s 328th Regiment, 26th Division. Sgt. Ralph A. Gage and Sgt. Aaron Weiner resting in peace at the American Luxembourg Cemetery.