Another Flawed Bill Racing Through Legislature

again a flawed bill is racing through California’s legislature with
little concern over its dangerous consequences. In this case the stakes
are higher than simply adding more bureaucracy, toothless regulations
or self-inflating decrees – there are significant public safety impacts
that have gone completely unheeded.

SB 346
(Kehoe) aims to reduce the copper content in urban waterways – a noble
goal – but does so by targeting the chemical formulation of brake pads
in our vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no current substitute for
copper in brake pads that carries the same performance quality. So as
our legislators start cramming through bills at the end of session and
playing games with our state’s budget, it’s critical that they don’t
lose sight of the potential safety and brake performance ramifications
of SB 346. As it is currently written, Kehoe’s
bill fails to ensure the availability of safe, commercially viable
brakes for all vehicles on California’s roads.

New technological advances and anti lock brake systems have made brake
failure a rare event among today’s cars and vehicles. The motor vehicle
industry is constantly working to maximize brake safety and ensure the
highest performance standards are upheld. The use of copper in brake
pads is for a specific reason – it is a critical component that reduces
heat and friction, thereby increasing durability and safety and
reducing vibration and noise.