Not All Hope Is Lost: Latinos & California Republicans

The growth of the Latino vote in California should compel the
state’s Republican candidates to learn more about this growing demographic
whose share of the statewide vote has consistently grown.  In the case of the 2010 election, Latino
voters cast 1.7 million votes statewide, an increase of 300,000 votes from the
2008 presidential election. 

To better understand this growing constituency we completed a
survey of 400 likely California Latino voters this week to gain a clearer
picture of their attitudes on key issues and toward the Republican Party.  The survey was conducted by Moore
Information, Inc. with an assist by Marty Wilson and its purpose was to begin
the process of understanding both the challenges as well as the opportunities
for future Republican candidates in gaining a greater share of the Latino

First, let’s get to the challenges that face the Republican Party
and its candidates with California Latinos by looking at the data: