Physical Fitness: It’s All About The Kids

Tomorrow I will be at Kentwood Elementary School in Los Angeles with
Governor Schwarzenegger and some of California’s finest educators to
discuss the work I have done for the Governor’s Council on Physical
Fitness & Sports.  We will announce that in 2010 we’ve already
signed up a record 1 million more Californians to take the Governor’s
Physical Fitness Challenge, and that thanks to Coca-Cola, eight new
schools are being awarded fitness centers.  

This is not about politics, it is about children.  Over the past five
years, I have seen what is possible when parents, educators,
officeholders, and community members join together and support our kids.

We launched the Governor’s Fitness Challenge in 2006, and encouraged
California’s kids to get off the couch or computer chair and get some
exercise: 30-60 minutes, every other day for a month.  Those of us who
exercise know that even 30 minutes can do wonders to refresh the mind
and body, prevent obesity, or just give us the chance to clear our