New Study Shows that New Law Puts California Used Car Buyers At Risk

The road to car safety will get a lot bumpier after July 1, 2012 when a law will take effect that threatens to put used car buyers at risk when purchasing a vehicle. While this law was designed to protect Californians, it does the exact opposite. At the centerpiece of the issue is that used-car […]

Governor Launches Office of Economic Development

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about California’s economy? If it’s the high unemployment numbers or the budget deficits in Sacramento, you are not alone. But it’s also true that California, in spite of its problems, remains one of the ten biggest economies in the world and America’s leader in categories like industrial research and development and attracting foreign direct investment.

California cannot allow the past few years of recession to threaten our state’s economic standing on the world stage. We must do everything we can to make sure our state remains an attractive place for economic innovation.

That is why Governor Schwarzenegger is today announcing the launch of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. By creating this new office, the Governor is letting it be known that California will become an even better place for doing business once we do away with some current layers of bureaucracy and streamline economic operations.