The California Redevelopment Dispute

The fate of California’s redevelopment agencies (RDA’s) is frequently discussed in the news these days. However, resolution is close—on November 10th, oral arguments will be heard by the State’s Supreme Court in the case California Redevelopment Agencies v. Matosantos. The issue at hand in this important case is the constitutionality of Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed […]

The California Channel Celebrates 20 Years

don’t think of them as TV stars, but for two decades California Assembly
members have been on live TV via The California Channel every day they’re in
session. On Friday, February 4, 2011, The California Channel will celebrate its
20th anniversary by replaying some of the most memorable moments
from the Assembly floor.

my 18 years as President of The California Channel, I have seen moments that
were amazing, unique and sometimes uncanny. I remember a particular instance
when several Republican Assembly members began singing The Beatles’
"Revolution" in the middle of a proceeding. Another unusual moment was former
Assembly member Diane Martinez’s wedding on the Assembly floor while they were
in session.

in a C-SPAN format, today The California Channel is dedicated to providing
unbiased and uncut gavel-to-gavel proceedings for all three branches of state