We Have to Create Accountability or California Will Keep Bashing Businesses

Recently, when my firm completed a study that found about ten thousand companies left California in the last eight years, it hardly surprised leaders in the business community. Some say there is one thing in California worse than taxes – and that is the complex set of directives enforced by unforgiving state inspectors. In fact, […]

Super-Wealthy California City Wants to Charge Family $8M to Close Business

Did several business-hostile politicians leave Sacramento to take over over the City of Palo Alto? Seems that way to me. After all, who else would demand that a family pay $8 million to close its business over issues that the family had nothing to do with? “No one should be forced to carry on a business […]

California Companies Head for Greatness – Outside of California

Why would companies located in one of the most beautiful states in the country – California – undertake the costly proposition of relocating to places with less scenic appeal and less-than-ideal weather? There are three answers and they relate to California’s business environment: Regulations, taxes and anxiety. Let’s take anxiety first. Corporate leaders and business […]

Tax Increase Plans Force Business to Look Elsewhere

California is considering imposing the most ruthless set of taxes ever placed on businesses in the state’s history – a tsunami of levies that may trigger the worst raid on private-sector finances ever organized by the state’s politicians. One result will be an increasing number of businesses leaving California for greener domestic or international pastures. […]

California: The Land of Double Taxation for Small Businesses

Just think: You run a business. Your partner embezzles from you and you are reeling – you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. Next, California’s state government shows up and slaps you around. When you object, Sacramento offers no apology, no comfort. You’re on your own. Farfetched? Read on to see what happened […]

California’s ‘Score’ for Business Deteriorates

Down again. That’s what we can say about California’s “business attractiveness” as its lost is tenth place ranking in a survey of site consultants, published yesterday by Area Development Online. Here is what Editor Dale Buss had to say about the state losing the ranking it had in last year’s survey: “The state’s reputation with […]

Time for California to End the Texas Bashing

As a corporate site selection consultant, my world is buzzing about the big Toyota move from Torrance to Plano, Texas. My peers and I know full well how company employees will have to seriously consider their options and how Torrance’s treasury will be affected. But some of us are irritated with the nonsense coming from […]

Welcome Texans!

This is an open letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his Economic Development team visiting California this week. Their goal is to interest businesses in relocating to their state or at least selecting Texas as the place in which to expand. Dear Governor Perry and Delegates: As you’re fix’in to come out here, I’m […]

Stunning: California Imposes 5-Year Retroactive Tax Bill on Startup Investors

Thanks to an entrepreneur, Brian Overstreet, we in California are just starting to learn that the state Franchise Tax Board has cancelled the Qualified Small Business (QSB) tax benefits and is retroactively denying the benefits for the past five years. Overstreet explained in a column in Xconomy that the QSB was designed to incentivize people starting […]

California Politicians Owe Golfer Phil Mickelson an Apology

Political correctness in California has become so bizarre that a high-achieving citizen paying huge amounts in taxes is ostracized if he even mildly complains about those taxes. Pro golfer Phil Mickelson has suggested “drastic changes” were in store for him – including possibly moving out of California – because of changes in federal and state […]