Coastal Cleanup Volunteers Demonstrate California’s Commitment to Vital Resources

Last Saturday, my family and I joined the thousands of Californians who fanned out across beaches, bays, rivers, creeks and wetlands to pick up cigarette butts, discarded food containers and other trash as part of the 25th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and part of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup.

Nearly 70,000 Californians around the state devoted part of their weekend to the yucky, but necessary, task of gathering an estimated one million pounds of trash and recyclables to protect our beaches, oceans and watersheds.

In their hats and gloves, carrying buckets and bags, this army of volunteers provided a visible demonstration of Californians’ love for the coast and their commitment to preserving our state’s natural resources. Californians have shown this same commitment at the polls for nearly a decade as they voted overwhelmingly time and time again, to protect the state’s open space, parks, and water by approving $15.5 billion in investments in conservation bonds.