What Really Happens if Prop 14 Passes

What they hope will happen versus what we know will happen.  There is a difference between the two when it comes to the results of Prop 14 possibly passing.

Proponents will paint a picture, looking forward, of a reformed and well functioning Sacramento.  "Party bosses" will be no more, and enlightened "moderates" will rule the day.  There is an irony that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor-those in the best ‘insider’ positions to run a party under normal circumstances, i.e., the ultimate party bosses-are the prime pushers of this measure. 

Not to mention that the pushers are themselves self-described moderates and are the people who have run the state (or cast critical votes in the very budgets that have nearly destroyed the state) lately.  One must wonder whether the theoretical moderates produced by Prop 14 will rule us any better than the actual moderates who are promoting Prop 14.