CA’s High Tech Economy: One out of every five

One out of every five – That’s how many of America’s technology jobs are based right here in California. In this state, we don’t just talk about the technology revolution; we practically invented it. Our jobs, creativity and innovation are what drive America’s technology economy. And our high-tech industry has brought venture capital, greater wealth and increasing economic opportunity for our state and our nation.

But here is another statistic that is even more striking: one out of every four. That’s how many of America’s high-tech jobs were based in California just 20 years ago. That’s a 35% decline in the last two decades.

What is happening to California’s high-tech economy?

During the last 20 years we have seen our state’s economic environment change. The same state that once inspired two graduate students to invent Google in their dorm room now is watching as many of its largest technology companies outsource jobs to other states and even other countries. And why not? China, for example, has tripled its R&D investment since 1998.