They the Corporation

The US Supreme Court decision which affirmed that campaign contribution limits infringe upon a corporation’s constitutional right of free speech is unprecedented and marks one of the greatest threats to the cornerstone of democracy in America.

For those who believe that corporations are equal to persons and support today’s historic court decision, I simply ask: how does one justify that the corporation now has more of a voice than the average US citizen when determining the outcomes of future local, state, federal, and judiciary elections? Are we to believe that corporation rights were infringed, because they weren’t already allowed to spend billions of dollars to taint politicians, shape legislation, and further influence the outcomes of our elections?

The American founders never believed or intended for the concept of “corporate personhood” to exist in America, because they foresaw the dangers associated in allowing corporations to have the same legal status as persons. Corporations are not equal to individuals, because their billions of dollars speak louder than any citizen that our nation was created to protect.