Perspective on the LA Mayor’s Race: LA of Today Nothing Like 1993

Cross-posted at LAObserved.

Recently, Joel Fox the editor of Fox and Hounds Daily, an online political newsletter widely read around the state, wrote an article titled, Will a Business Leader Become LA’s Next Mayor.

While I won’t try to predict the outcome of the mayoral race in 2013, as the field of candidates is just beginning to gel, there was one statement that Fox made that I felt needed to be clarified.

In his column he wrote: "A number of analysts looking at the coming mayor’s race feel the environment is similar to the time Republican attorney and businessman Richard Riordan captured the mayor’s office in 1993. The opportunity may be there for a business executive to take control of the city government once again."

This section is where I find the most disagreement — and by the way who are these analysts?