GOP Endorsement Debate Critical to Party’s Future

In the aftermath of Proposition 14, members of the California Republican Party (CRP) will make a very significant decision this weekend to determine the process and criteria we follow to endorse candidates. It is an important discussion for us to have and we all want to see the Party succeed in future elections, but unfortunately one of the proposals on the table will only weaken the Party.

The current CRP Chairman’s proposal, while it may sound good on its face, actually gives a very small number of Party insiders the power to decide endorsements – something that flies in the face of decades of our Party’s proud history of letting voters decide our Party’s nominee. This proposal threatens to disenfranchise many Republican voters, including our men and women serving overseas who have no way to participate in the Party’s endorsement process under Chairman Nehring’s plan.

But this plan is problematic in other ways. It requires that an endorsement be made in every single race, even when two ormore quality Republican candidates are running against each other. It also does not provide for the endorsement of a Republican candidate after the June election in the event the “officially endorsed” candidate loses that primary. That means that our candidates could be limited or cut-off from vital resources needed to run a winning campaign.

Creating Green Jobs through Tax Relief

Today, I had the honor of joining Governor Schwarzenegger, Senator Alex Padilla and others at a press conference to promote legislation I have introduced which will create jobs and boost green energy through tax relief. The event was held in Sylmar, CA at Quallion, the largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and a direct beneficiary of this proposed bill.

SBX8 22 will exempt the purchase of green technology equipment from sales tax. Governor Schwarzenegger presented the idea as part of an effort to promote clean, renewable energy, stimulate the economy and create jobs. Creating jobs and promoting renewable energy alternatives are central themes in my effort to return California to prosperity and I welcomed the opportunity to author this bill.

SBX8 22 will help transition California to a more renewable, energy efficient economy. Green technology manufacturing is important for several reasons. Not only is it making a positive impact on our environment, but it’s also providing much needed jobs at a crucial time. This is win-win legislation that should be implemented right away.