California Voters FIRST Act will get California on the Right Track

Among the many measures that will appear on this November’s ballot, one of the most important is the California Voters FIRST Act. On Election Day, Californians will have the opportunity to send a message to their elected officials and to make sure their votes count in passing this important redistricting reform measure.

Year after year, partisan gridlock prevents our state lawmakers from effectively addressing the issues Californian’s care about most, including the state budget, health care, education, the economy, the impending water crisis, and the environment. Contributing to this ongoing problem is the fact that Legislators are allowed to draw their own district lines to guarantee their reelection. As a result, our lawmakers are simply not accountable to voters. In fact, even as legislative approval ratings are at historic lows, nearly 99% of incumbent legislators are reelected every year.

The California Voters FIRST Act will end the conflict of interest that exists in our current redistricting system and help put voters back in control and make lawmakers accountable to their constituents. The initiative will change the way legislative districts are drawn by creating a 14-member independent redistricting commission, including five Republicans, five Democrats and four members not affiliated with either major party. And, unlike the current process, the California Voters FIRST Act will ensure that the redistricting process is open, transparent, and protects the Voting Rights Act.