Proposition 11 has 2 giant loop-holes in it—and more!

Giant loop-hole #1 allows the Legislature to change the make up of the so-called Citizens Redistricting Commission in future years — Thus allowing the Legislature’s skilled gerrymanders to dominate the process in the future just like they do now. (see Government Code, Chapter 3.2. 8251. (c, 2,3,4)

Giant loop-hole #2 is that this so-called Citizens Redistricting Commission can craft new districts any way they’d like, just by calling them Communities of Interest. (see Article XXI, Sec. 2. (d4)

That’s right, by using the “Communities of Interest” criteria, they can run districts hundreds of miles across the state. And, because there is no specific definition for "Community of Interest", it allows the commission to define it any way they please.