Brown’s Budget Plan Keeps His Friends Happy

Crossposted on CBS Sacramento Balancing the budget of one of the largest economies in the world isn’t easy. There’s absolutely nothing you can do that won’t outrage a significant part of the electorate. That’s why Governor Brown is smart to protect his friends—teachers and government employee unions—in his latest budget proposal. Those groups effectually run […]

In Defense of a Campaign Volunteer

The Prop. 29 campaign has been a textbook example of attacking the messenger when you don’t have an effective message of your own. Recently the No on 29 campaign launched an ad with Dr. LaDonna Porter, a UC Davis Medical School grad who now practices in a Central Valley public hospital. No one is disputing […]

Brown Ducking Pensions is Smart Politics

Crossposted on KOVR This week the California Legislature will consider over 650 bills in committee, the last opportunity for bills to be heard this year. Incredibly, Governor Brown’s modest pension reform package will not be one of them. In a letter released today, the committee responsible for acting on his plan now says it is […]