California’s Opportunity to encourage more Investments in Education

To facilitate the financing of your students’ education, the Federal government has set up the 529 plan for each State to implement. The “529″ refers to the section of the Internal Revenue Code that created these college savings plans. A 529 College Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged way for families to save money for education-related […]

California Lawmakers Want More Dollars from Blue Collars

Blue collars in California are once again being targeted by lawmakers with a multitude of new taxes on the energy industry that will trickle into their pocketbooks. Our current slate of lawmakers are aware from the California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office reports that personal income tax liability is concentrated among its top earners. Shockingly, almost 70% […]

California’s Scary Trends for Funds and Energy

Everyone knows that one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything thus the proverb to “not put all his eggs in one basket”. We all know that California does not follow the norm, but sets its own path for determining what amount of tax revenue actually goes into the general fund and what kind of energy, […]

Lawmakers Already Killed Measure Supporting Transparency at the Pump

California lawmakers are at it again. A 2018 bill, SB 1074, sponsored by State Senator John Moorlach (R) from Costa Mesa and championed by the minority party in the State was effectively bottom drawered by the ruling party, the Democrats. They are now fueling the idea, pun intended, that the oil companies are filling their […]

Californians Willing to Accept Emission Control Costs

Seems that Californians relate energy just to electricity and believe pursuit of intermittent renewable electricity from wind and solar will save California and the world. Unlike France, Californians are supportive of the 12-cent gas tax to fund infrastructure improvements and other emissions crusade cost. Thus, it’s unlikely, for now, that California will follow France in […]

California delegates control of the economy to BANANA’s

Over the years the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Air Quality Management District (AQMD) have been viewed by the business community as being over bearing and business unfriendly, especially since California is already the most environmentally regulated location on earth. Well, with the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 617 (C. Garcia, 2017), the California Air […]

California Supports “Foreign” Big Oil

California is home to the largest crude oil reserves in America, but the States’ choice to not drill for that oil requires in-state manufacturers to “export” billions of dollars annually to oil rich foreign countries to import their oil to meet the state’s energy demands. The subject of energy for the world’s fifth-largest economy is about […]

California Refineries are the MVP’s of the Economy and GHG Emissions

California is the most populous state in the U.S. and the most robust economy in U.S., and 5th largest economy in the entire world.  California has stepped up as a leader on climate change to reduce carbon emissions to the world’s atmosphere, and pioneered a system of subsidies for wind and solar that sparked a […]

100% Renewables will Fuel the Growth of Poverty and Homelessness

In pursuit of the emissions crusade, the Governor, Senate, and Assembly have demonstrated their lack of understanding of basic math, with Governor Brown signing Senate Bill 100 into law that now sets California on a path toward 100% renewables and “zero-carbon” sources in electricity by 2045. For wind farms that generate about 3 watts per […]