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Calexit Reasons Don’t Hold Calestoga Water

John Seiler
Most recently the press secretary for state Sen. John M. W. Moorlach, for three decades John Seiler was an editorial writer for the Orange County Register

With Donald Trump walking into the Oval Office, liberal Democrats in California don’t have much to cheer about. Some of them are turning to the movement for Calexit, for California Exit. I’ve detailed before on Fox & Hounds why their initiative, if it makes it to the ballot, will be rejected by state voters. But […]

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Make California Great Again in 2018?

John Seiler
Most recently the press secretary for state Sen. John M. W. Moorlach, for three decades John Seiler was an editorial writer for the Orange County Register

In politics, as in just about everything, success breeds success. Ronald Reagan’s supply-side tax cuts quickly became the top mantra of Republican candidates. Bill Clinton’s “triangulation,” of shifting to the center, won for Democrats, including President Obama – until Hillary ignored her husband’s advice this year and abandoned the white working-class vote, which won it […]

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Aiming for Supermajority, California Democrats Play Trump Card

Laurel Rosenhall
Reporter, CALmatters

The one shred of power Republicans hold in the California statehouse—enough seats to block Democratic lawmakers from a “supermajority”—is on the brink in this election. Already California is one of only seven states in which Democrats control the legislature and the governor’s office (as compared to 23 states where the GOP holds both). Here, Republicans […]

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California and the GOP Debate

Joel Fox
Editor and Co-Publisher of Fox and Hounds Daily

Looking for California in the GOP debate presented some challenges even with one candidate who has tentative ties to the Golden State and the state’s Democratic governor who tried to put himself into the debate via a letter to the candidates on climate change. There was only one Californian (sort of) in the field of […]

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The Aging of the Political Class

Richard Rubin
Attorney Richard Rubin has taught at the University of San Francisco, Berkeley and Golden Gate University, is a regular columnist for the Marin Independent Journal and was Chair of the California Commonwealth Club Board of Governors, 2017-2019.

We are in an era when we recycle politicians. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s previous governor, told a highly credible source recently he may hit the comeback trail. It was not clear when. The macho muscle builder and cinema action-hero is a boyish 66. According to the same source, Jerry Brown, the state’s current irrepressible chief executive […]

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California State Senate Deletes Website, Online Archives of 3 Disgraced Democrats

John Hrabe
Writer and Communications Strategist

Like a criminal wiping down a crime scene, the California State Senate has scrubbed its website and deleted the online archives of three Democratic state Senators that face criminal charges ranging from weapons trafficking to public corruption. As of April 5 at 7:00 PM, the websites of Democratic Senators Leland Yee of San Francisco, Ron […]

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Prop 13 Saved By Lawmakers’ Misconduct?

Jon Coupal
President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Because of the conviction of one member of the state Senate, and the indictment of a second, Proposition 13 — and taxpayers who rely on its protections — may have slipped the noose being prepared for it by majority Democrats in the Legislature. Senator Rod Wright, a Los Angeles Democrat, has taken a leave of […]

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The Case Of Rod Wright — The State Senate At The Crossroads

Jon Fleischman
Publisher of the FlashReport

State Senator Rod Wright was convicted of eight felonies nearly a month ago. This coming Friday State Senator Rod Wright will be celebrating an anniversary of sorts — he will be celebrating the end of his first month serving in the California legislature while simultaneous being a convicted felon.  On January 28th Wright was found […]

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The Conservative Case for a Higher Minimum Wage

Ron Unz
Chairman of The Higher Wages Alliance, and Candidate for U.S. Senate

Over the last couple of months the minimum wage has moved into the political headlines, but most of the arguments for raising it have come from liberals.  That’s fine, but since I’m not a liberal, I’d rather focus on the conservative reasons for supporting a much higher minimum wage, which are just as compelling. Cutting […]

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Kashkari Sings an Old GOP Tune in Governor’s Race

John Wildermuth
Journalist and Political Commentator

Once again, a new Cincinnatus of the GOP has surveyed the political landscape, put down his, ah, spreadsheet and marched off toward Sacramento to restore fiscal order to the state. “I owe it to the people of California to share my wisdom with them,” he tells the waiting scribes. “But only if I can be […]

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