Looming Immigration Deadline Threatens L.A. Workforce

Last year, I joined with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti at a press conference to highlight the economic contributions of immigrants in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles.  The event marked the release of a New American Economy (NAE) report on Los Angeles. The report found that foreign-born residents comprise 43 percent of the employed labor force […]

Homeless Solutions We Need Now

December marked a milestone in Los Angeles’ homelessness efforts when City and civic leaders gathered to break ground on the first Proposition HHH housing project for the homeless.  Approved in November 2016 by more than 76 percent of Angelenos, HHH authorized $1.2 billion over 10 years to construct 10,000 units of permanent supportive housing in the […]

Let’s Not Make Working-Class Housing More Expensive in Los Angeles 

Today the Los Angeles City Council will vote to approve a per square foot impact fee on new commercial, industrial and residential construction in L.A. Labeled an Affordable Housing Linkage Fee (AHLF), this new development fee by city government will be used to fund low-income housing. While the business community strongly supports affordable housing, we’re advocated against […]

Dreams Deferred

In early September, President Trump announced the end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) if Congress does not act within six months to permanently legalize their status. A lack of action by Congress would impact 800,000 young adults that have DACA status. In California alone, we have more than 230,000 DACA young people. The […]

Opposing the California Water Fix Is Courting Disaster

During the recent five-year drought, residents and businesses in Los Angeles were saved from disaster by water that was imported to Southern California from the mountains and rivers of Northern California via the State Water Project and the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). In fact, imported water from MWD is the reason we have averted disaster […]

An Olympic Victory Bigger Than a Month in 2028

In the summer of 2028, the world will flock to Los Angeles to celebrate sports, share cultures and inspire the youth of our world to run faster, reach higher and grow stronger in all aspects of life. The Games will also leave a legacy for L.A., as they have in the past.  Many athletes, coaches […]

AB 1250 is Bad for Counties and for Business

As legislators return to Sacramento next week to wrap up the 2017 session, the Chamber will continue to support bills that will advance our state and oppose bills that would be a step backward. We will support legislation that encourages more desperately needed housing and we will oppose bills that would do great damage to […]

Congratulations to Los Angeles!

Mayor Eric Garcetti made a once in a generation announcement – the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming back to Los Angeles for the third time. Two and a half years after losing the United States Olympic Committee’s bid selection to another U.S. city, the determination and creativity of the Mayor and local Olympic […]

Sacramento Legislation We Don’t Need

Last Friday marked the deadline to get bills out of the house of origin for the California Legislature. More than 600 bills were voted on last week. The good news is that the business community had some significant victories in defeating or stalling legislation that would have made it harder and more expensive to do […]

What We Hope to Hear from Mayor Garcetti

This Thursday, Mayor Eric Garcetti will give his fourth State of the City (SOTC) address, and his first since he was overwhelmingly re-elected in March to a five and half year second term. Los Angeles has a lot to be proud of since the Mayor’s last SOTC. The results of the November and March elections […]