It’s Time to Hold Climate Change Policy-Makers Accountable

In reaction to the election of Donald Trump California’s Governor, state legislature and Air Resources Board have made clear their intention to double down on our state’s already strictest-in-the-nation climate change policies. Making such claims is easy when ignoring the current cost burden of the state’s climate policies on consumers and businesses, and how much […]

Sacramento’s Attempted So Cal Overreach Could Extend Beyond Southern California

Things have been going pretty well lately in the East Bay. Since last year the total number of jobs here increased by almost 27,000 and unemployment is below the statewide rate.  An important factor in area companies’ ability to survive California’s myriad state and local regulations is working with local government representatives and agencies such […]

Environmental Rules Should Be Based on More Than Ability to Pay

When it comes to environmental regulations, California has been on a roll for a long time, undisputedly leading the nation and the world in climate change policy and air quality rules. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for policymakers to step back and take stock of where we are in terms of our successful pollution reduction efforts, […]