West Coast Ports Remain Open, Providing Essential Service to State and Nation

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to unfold, the three of the largest ports in the nation – Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland – continue to operate, allowing for the continued flow of goods into our communities and key industries.  As the world weathers this crisis, these ports provide a service that has […]

Lost Opportunities for the California Economy at the Ports

California is losing cargo and high paying jobs to ports throughout North America. And at this point, it isn’t doing much about it.  Growth at Southern California ports over the past twelve years are at rates far below the competition. The disparity is found in data from the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) from […]

California’s Ports – A Hidden Success Story

California’s eleven public ports are one of the state’s most important and vital assets. Collectively, California’s ports form the largest gateway of trade for the United States. The question policy-makers need to answer is whether they want to build on the success and create more jobs, expand logistics operations in California, and recapture California’s dominant […]

California’s Reliance on International Trade

In 2011, then Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, in his Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda, recognized the important role of international trade to the state of California, stating: “…the state must become a better partner in preserving and enhancing California’s position as a preeminent hub in the global economy. At the simplest level, it must make […]

California Ports Day – A Day of Recognition or Remembrance

February 21 has been designated “California Ports Day.” For those of us in the shipping and cargo handling industries, it’s about time. According to recently introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 170, California’s 11 public ports are responsible for one-third of the state’s economy and jobs, accounting for more than $700 billion in revenue and more […]

Trust No One

Without public notice, in the absence of any staff analysis, contrary to the direction of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted a resolution that will drive up the cost of delivering goods to market and harm the competitiveness of California’s ports. On Thursday, March 23rd, following the […]

Millionaire Monopoly Asks The Legislature For A Raise … Again

It’s nice to have a state-sanctioned monopoly. It’s even nicer to have a monopoly in an important, yet obscure profession, like the San Francisco Bay’s 60 bar pilots do. In 2014, the San Francisco Bar Pilots, who guide ships in and out of the Bay, collected their highest revenues ever in their 150+ year history, […]

Keep Cargo Moving

California is moving forward with a program that will fundamentally change the way cargo is transported to address climate change and reduce emissions at a cost of billions of dollars. The goal of this effort is to see all those who have a hand in moving cargo reduce their carbon output to zero or near-zero […]

Responding to FL Gov on CA’s Ports

Drinking a glass of Florida orange juice this morning, I thought about the Governor of Florida’s well publicized letter to “shipping industry professionals,” announcing his job raiding April visit to California and touting Florida’s port system while at the same time taking a few cheap shots at the State of California by comparing Florida to California […]

CEQA Reform Needed To Meet Environmental Goals

California’s political leadership is setting up 2015 to be the year for taking the already aggressive state climate goals and imposing new, far reaching requirements.   However, if California intends to meet these climate goals and impose new requirements, then a corresponding change in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) must be made to achieve these […]