California High Speed Rail Leadership and Project direction being challenged.

The Assembly Transportation Committee High Speed Rail oversight hearing of Tuesday (11-12-2019) exposed a regional funding war.  The project’s leadership, Brian Kelly (CEO) and Board Chair Lenny Mendonca, are pushing the present “spend all existing funds in the Central Valley (CV) agenda”.  Governor Newsom, who “flip/flops” with his position on HSR depending on the season […]

California High Speed Rail using Trump like tactics to seek approvals.

The High Speed Rail Authority, under the direction of Governor Newsom is claiming to bring more transparency to the project. Indeed the Authority’s new website has a full page titled Transparency and Accountability claiming dedication to this mandate. But actions speak much louder than words. Representative Jim Patterson has just released a letter stating the […]

Governor Newsom and High Speed Rail

In Governor Newsom’s State of the State address, he clearly and correctly stated many reasons why the present HSR project was not achievable and he proposed to continue on with a much-reduced project. Rather than build a SF to LA to Anaheim HSR train, which would surely cost at least $100 billion, and is short […]

The Audit of the High Speed Rail Authority Reveals the Project Must be Stopped

Chair Jim Frazier in the almost four hour November 29 Joint Audit committee hearing on High Speed Rail made headlines by asking for the firing of Authority Chair Dan Richard. I see a whole lot of “grandstanding” by Frazier here.  He is attempting to make HSR Authority Dan Richard a scapegoat, while excusing himself, Chair […]

Prop 6 Opponents Ignore Truth about Transit Spending in Gas Tax Increase

Spending gas taxes on public transit isn’t a misuse, it’s what California voters wantis the title of the LA Times editorial promoting opposition to Proposition 6 (the gas tax repeal). Such an editorial would be expected from the Times editorial board, which still advocates building the $77 billion (and climbing) cost for the High Speed […]

Support Prop 6 – Repeal the Gas Tax

Joe Matthews recently wrote: “Because the gas tax is a small tax increase that does very little. Almost everything said by both sides of the debate is an exaggeration.” A tax yielding over $5 billion every year is not a “small tax increase”.  Apparently a whole lot of California voters don’t think this is a trivial […]

Will the legislature finally stop funding High Speed Rail?

The State budget is being drafted and we will soon know whether the Legislature will continue to fund the High Speed Rail boondoggle. We now know about the huge drop in support of the project to where now only 31% of registered voters want the project to continue. The latest poll reported in the LA Times […]