The Road Ahead for the California GOP

California’s AG resisted any temptation to join those of 18 sister states led by the Texas AG seeking to have the Supreme Court overturn President-Elect Joe Biden’s irreversible victory.  Not that the vast majority of California voters favored the idea which turned out to be a giant waste of time as the high court delivered […]

Californians are Voting by the Millions Does Anyone Care?

It’s Election Day—or should we call it Election Month? And it might be longer still before we know the final outcome.  Voter turnouts are already breaking all records nation-wide guaranteeing that by day’s end we may not know who will be the next President of the United States. We have already doubled the numbers from […]

Are Republicans Losing their Voice?

One-party government is generally associated with right wing dictatorships. California is in no danger of succumbing to authoritarian rule, but the trend toward single-party dominance is unmistakable. Some numbers recently compiled by the non-partisan Public Policy Institute of California are revealing. The registration numbers for the Golden State remain among the highest showing eight in […]

Add California’s Fires to Other Crises

The nation is rightly obsessed with the unfolding events surrounding the news that the president of the United States has contracted the deadly coronavirus. We must all wish him well and hope for his recovery.  If Donald Trump’s condition deteriorates precipitously even after hospitalization and the best medical attention available to any human on the […]

California Leaders Praise the Late Justice Ginsburg

At a time when history is caught up in swirling and tumultuous political currents a Supreme Court justice just passed away who influenced much of it.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg a woman of diminutive physical stature, but giant intellect and boundless energy, fierce determination and unshakable conviction,  has left the stage at the age of 87 […]

It could be the Most Significant Election in the Nation’s History

What can you say about a party that has vanquished its own former leadership, thrown out the rules that guided it to glory in earlier years and has opted to pay reverence to an undisciplined, law-adverse showman who has spat on the policies and principles which have driven its success?  Golden State connections abound but […]

The Democrats Have Given Their Opening Statement Now the GOP Must Make its Case

The Democrats held the spotlight for the past week featuring a first-ever “virtual” convention. Now it’s the GOP’s turn.  There was much moaning and groaning that the absence of all the usual hoopla, banners, well-liquified party-goers and delegates wearing crazy hats would put the country to sleep.  Not only did that not happen but the […]

Joe Biden’s Historic Decision!

Californians were introduced to the Democrat’s Vice-Presidential choice years ago and they apparently liked what they saw.  Now the nation will have the same opportunity with former Vice President Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris to run with him on the Democratic ticket.  In their first public appearance as a campaign couple Harris with […]

Kamala Harris May Be The One!

Speculation about whom the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will tap to join him on the ticket has reached fever pitch with the announcement expected in days. I’m going out on a limb but I predict it will be California’s junior Senator Kamala Harris. Her less well known but closest rival could be Pres. Barack […]

The Next Big Challenge: Opening Schools

California—a nation state by itself—has been wrestling the coronavirus pandemic to the ground with reasonable success. That is until now.  The physical toll alone is devastating. A related casualty with comparable implications is the setback to millions of school age children who are being deprived of a normal education.  With cases on a troubling rise […]