As our leaders look to revive the flat-lined 2007 "Year of Healthcare", it is important to remember that small business owners, employees, and family members make up 60 percent of the uninsured, so until healthcare is fixed for small business it is not "fixed".  But what does truly "fixed" health care look like for California’s job creators?

NFIB has put forth ten principles for small business healthcare reform which include:

This week in Fresno, NFIB conducted its fifth "Fix-it Forum" as part of the organization’s national Solutions Start Here healthcare campaign.  This is the largest and most aggressive campaign in the 65-year history of NFIB, and serves as the small business platform for healthcare reform and educates policymakers about the unique healthcare needs of America’s job creators.

More than 50 Fresno-area small business owners discussed how healthcare reform should be approached from a small business friendly point of view.  Many expressed frustration with the rising costs of insurance premiums year after year.  Most agreed that being able to offer benefits such as health insurance, makes it easier to attract talented employees to work in their businesses.

We look forward to our continued discussions with California policymakers on how best to reform healthcare for our state.  Because when you fix healthcare for small business, it’s fixed for America.