California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and the National Federation of Independent Business in California teamed up for Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week (October 6-10) and have released a survey of over 800 small business people.  The results are somewhat stunning.  If you thought the stock market recently has been frightening just take a look at the results of the survey.  The survey is posted on

Some of the highlights are as follows:

? 98% of California’s small business owners believe that the number of lawsuits filed against businesses in California has hurt the state’s economy. 

? More than 4 in 5 think that the number of liability lawsuits is increasing. 

? More than 98% believe the number of lawsuits filed against businesses in California has a negative impact on business growth and prosperity. 

? An overwhelming majority (97%) think that lawsuit abuse is a serious problem to California’s business climate. 

? More than 9 in 10 said that most people file lawsuits to win big money. 

? 98% of small business owners believe that personal injury lawyer advertising encourages people to sue even if they have not been injured. 

? More than one-third of small business owners have been sued in the past five years and nearly 6 in 10 have been threatened with a lawsuit during the same period. 

At one point in our nation’s history every business was a small business.  These results show a very clear concern on behalf of small business in this state and it should put legislators on notice.  Between the economic downturn and this glimpse into the feelings of small business one does not have to go and rent the movie the Perfect Storm.

Take a look at and learn more about Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week.