The hotly contested race for the Republican nomination in both the U.S. Senate and Attorney General races are tightening up with the primary only three weeks away, the Small Business Action Committee/M4 Strategies Poll found.

In the U.S. Senate contest, Tom Campbell leads with field with 32.6%, with Carly Fiorina close behind at 28.2%, and Chuck DeVore tallying 15.3%. Fiorina has made the biggest movement since the SBAC/M4 Strategies poll in February. At that time, Campbell had a similar 32%, Fiorina was at 18% and DeVore stood at 11%.

The poll conducted on May 12, 13, and 16 of 600 high propensity Republican voters has a margin of error of 4%.

The race for Lt. Governor shows current Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado holding 21.3% support, the only candidate in double figures. Senator Sam Aanestad draws 7.7% support. However, undecided is a large 55.5%.

The race for the Republican Attorney General nomination is a toss up. Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley stands at 17.5%, Senator Tom Harmon at 17.1% and Law Professor John Eastman at 16.9%. Undecided voters carry the day in this category at 47.2%. (Margin of error in this race is 5.43% because of a smaller voter sample.)

In the primary election for Insurance Commissioner, Mike Villines holds 16.9% and Brian Fitzgerald stands at 12.2% with 67% undecided.

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