Why Businesses Leave CA

Fox and Hounds Daily contributor, Joe Vranich, known as the business relocation coach, was interviewed as part of a five part series produced by Fox 11 News in Los Angeles this week on why California is losing businesses and jobs.

Vranich produced a top ten list that create the state’s business troubles:

10. Unprecedented energy costs
9. Severe tax treatment
8. Worst regulatory burden
7. Unfriendly legal environment for business
6. Most expensive business locations
5. Provable savings elsewhere
4. Unfriendly business climate
3. Uncontrollable public spending
2. More adversarial toward business than other states
1. Poor rankings in surveys across the board
You can view the clips of the five part series, Saving the California Dream, on the Fox 11 site here.

The Fix for Missing Revenue

Controller John Chiang reported yesterday that the state is $1.5 billion behind in revenues for the first four months of the fiscal year. Concerns are raised that the shortfall will force the state to pull the trigger on more cuts that the budget bill called for if certain revenue deficit marks were hit.

The debate over a cure for the state’s constant budget shortfalls will soon come into focus. Tax increases are needed, some would argue. Others say a tough spending limit is the way to trim back excessive spending that puts the state in the hole.

Tax increases and a spending cap are both likely to be on the ballot in November via the initiative route. Voters will be the judge and jury on which remedy the state takes to eliminate the budget problems.

Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl

The Los Angeles Times reports that one of the organizers of Occupy Los Angeles wants to run protests at the Rose Parade.

But the protesters may not be the only headache for those who make New Year’s Day famous celebration (in this coming year’s Leap Year case: January 2) a target.

The Rose Bowl game could be have the additional problem of dealing with the uncomfortable shadow cast by Penn State and its recent sexual abuse scandal that is tearing at the fabric of the university.

Penn State could represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl Game. As this is article is written, Penn State has the best record in its division and the best overall record of all Big Ten teams. The Big Ten usually sends its champion to play in the Rose Bowl game.