I’d love to be a resident of the California that Joe Mathews lives in: one where the problem is the lack of growth. The number of payroll jobs in Los Angeles may be smaller now than 26 years ago but, unfortunately, the city’s population isn’t. Those jobs have simply moved to surrounding cities as the county population and payroll increased dramatically. The only place in the L A area where the population may have declined during those years could be Vernon. Joe, is the state’s total population less than 26 years ago? What about the amount of area devoted to farming? or industry? Are we using less water than 26 years ago? Less power? Producing less carbon emissions?

When a city, such as Pleasanton, tries to limit population growth the reformers who you otherwise criticize step in with lawsuits that force the city to build housing units it really didn’t want. Just where is that limit on growth that you refer to taking place?
But I err. Perhaps you intended your piece as a facetious one and I, and maybe the editor, thought you were serious. Sort of like your article about building a giant football stadium and using it as a cistern during the off-season. Have you considered writing one about damming the Golden Gate to protect Alameda and Oakland from a rising sea level?

If I have misinterpreted your intent, I apologize.