In a recent column here Joe Mathews, observer of all things political and an excellent journalist with a quirky sense of humor, launched the Kobe for Governor “campaign”. But I have another candidate in mind. Move over Kobe and make way for Jennifer Lawrence.

Joe offers up Kobe because he hasn’t hesitated to shoot the ball and takes chances, an antidote to the caution that prevails in some corners of Sacramento which negatively impacts decisions to invest in needed programs and services. Joe’s well considered theme is, “when you have a shot, you need to take it.” And that’s right on.

But what about Jennifer Lawrence, an extraordinary actor whose characters she has so brilliantly portrayed provide skills and viewpoints that Sacramento needs to be reminded of. Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen who goes to the mat for her strong beliefs about community and fairness, despite overwhelming odds. X-Men Apocalypse’s Mystique who takes charge of a strange group of ne’er-do-wells with good intentions. Sound familiar? And, Winter’s Bone’s Ree who is resolute and full of hope when circumstances are at their worse.

Story telling – yes, but qualities that resonate, qualities that can help move California forward, qualities that could restore the public’s respect for elected officials.

So, as to Kobe for Governor – no.   Can’t imagine many women voting for him anyway. So, Joe, do you want to hop on the Jennifer Lawrence for Governor bandwagon? Hesitating? Remember she is known as The Girl on Fire. I’ll leave it at that.

Billie Greer is a public policy advisor.

Joe Mathews’ article can be found here.