In a June column, I predicted that the vote on the gas tax repeal measure, Proposition 6, would be close. I still think so but signs are popping up that the pro-repeal side is showing some strength among voters.

The latest indication was endorsement of the repeal by liberal congressional Democratic candidate Katie Porter hoping to oust Mimi Walters in the 45th Congressional District. Walters is a strong supporter of the tax repeal. Her campaign committee and associated PAC have contributed more than $300,000 in support of the repeal.

Porter is attempting to take the tax issue away from Walters. In an email reported by CALmatters Porter’s campaign manager stated that Porter took the position because she is “running to represent the needs of the 45th district.”

In other words, the voters are indicating opposition to the 12-cents a gallon gas tax and Porter wants to be on the side of the voters on Election Day. Porter’s surprise announcement is a clear sign of where the voters are in that particular area of the state.

Another signal was the recall of state senator Josh Newman by a 19% majority with Newman’s gas tax vote the prime issue in the campaign.

But it should be noted these signs of strength are both from the same area in Southern California. The opposition has yet to fully unleash its campaign.

As I noted previously, big money will be on the side opposing the repeal and that means advertising showing transportation improvements will fill television screens in the fall.

Yet, the Proposition 6 gas tax repeal will be a high profile measure on the ballot and easily understood by voters. Many voters will also see local tax increases on the November ballot, and voters will be reminded of the healthy state surplus.

The feeling that California is overtaxed could strike a cord with voters, and signs of that belief are starting to appear.